Vincent Clerc: "I really wanted to score my 100th try for Toulon"

The RCT wing, who scored his hundredth try in the Top 14 last night – equalling Laurent Arbo’s record –, as Toulon won 54-5 over Agen, attended the post-game press conference to talk about the pleasant evening he and the team both enjoyed.
Vincent, what are your feelings after scoring, “at last”, your hundredth try and equalling Laurent Arbo’s record?
It’s true that, for a few weeks now, I had been feeling both motivation and frustration. Many people were telling me about the hundredth try and I wanted to score for Toulon. It was important for me, as I had hardly played last year. And it was important, too, because it was a landmark.
What were you thinking about when you scored the try?
At the precise moment, there was much emotion, because those who kept talking to me about it were my team-mates. They wanted to score the try more than I did and, then, they had warm and touching words. I was really pleased. The try was also a way to thank Chairman Mourad Boudjellal, who helped me twice: first, when I left Toulouse, then, when I was injured. So, I really wanted to score my hundredth try for Toulon, just because of this.
Overall, did you and the team enjoy your evening?
We did. We scored many tries, we showed realism and efficiency – especially in the second half – and it was good for the team. There’s still a long way to go in the season and we need games like these, so that we can boost our confidence level.