Buy your tickets for the play-off game against Lyon! (Friday, May 18th / kick-off time: 9 p.m.)

On Friday, May 18th, Rugby Club Toulonnais will play against Lyon for a place in the Top 14 semi-finals. The game will kick off at 9 p.m. CET.
Please find, below, the planning of the ticket sales for the game:
– from Sunday evening to Tuesday evening: the subscribers can buy their tickets online on, HERE;
– Monday: the subscribers can buy their tickets in the four « RCT Stores » at the Mayol, Grand Var Est, Ollioules and Avenue 83 shopping malls;
– Wednesday afternoon: the ticket sales are open to the public.
To purchase their seats as registered members, the subscribers will have to:
– visit our website;
– pick the game;
– enter their personal subscriber number (the one under the bar code), their first name and their name;
– click on AJOUTER (ADD in English);
– pick a price in the drop-down menu (you only have ONE choice);
– enter their subscriber number once again;
– click on VALIDER (VALIDATE in English).
Your seat will be automatically added into your basket.
To buy more seats, the subscribers will have to:
– visit our website;
– pick the game;
– click on VALIDER (VALIDATE), below the sentence: “je ne suis pas abonné, je souhaite acheter une place” (“I am not a registered member and I wish to book a seat”);
– a virtual stadium then opens up;
– log in with your subscriber number in the « code promo » slot (« promotion code »). The various prices for all the various seats in the stadium are then displayed;
– select the type of seat, the seat, then the price.
Should you have any problem, you can still access the online ticketing service at the following address: