The statements ahead of the Toulon vs Toulouse game

Here are the main statements by the Toulon and Toulouse staff and players ahead of the “red and black crunch” between both teams, Sunday, April 9th, at the Stade Orange-Vélodrome, in Marseille (kick-off time: 5 p.m.).
Richard Cockerill, RCT manager: “The team spirit is really fine, even if we don’t play a very beautiful game. But what matters now is to win. Perhaps this won’t be spectacular, but we want to win! Toulouse are a good team, particularly when it comes to winning the ball at the front. For me, playing at the Stade Orange-Vélodrome is a good thing, as it’s a large stadium and many of our supporters will be there. It’s a great opportunity for us. All the players are very excited, as it will be capital to win this game. There are only four games remaining: there will be no second chance for us and we know it!”
Guilhem Guirado, RCT hooker: “Now, the only thing the team has to concentrate on is playing rugby. This is the only concerning matter and only this can make us stronger, especially after last week-end’s poor performance against Clermont. Given the way we’ve played throughout the season, we, the players, have to take our share of the blame. We know much work remains to be done and, for the moment, we’re only focusing on the game against Toulouse, but we’ll have to round up this last month of competition as best we can.”
Charles Ollivon, RCT flanker: “Past is past and, now, we have to stick together and that’s the case. We had to find more envy and more determination to end the season on a high note. We want to prove what we can do, we know there’ll be no room left for mistakes this week-end. But, at least, this is going to pull ourselves together. We have to be 100% fit, everyone knows we can’t make any mistakes. Toulouse also lost their European Cup quarter-final, but we know this team and the players will come to earn a win. It’s going to be a tough game.”
Ugo Mola, Toulouse manager: “After the disappointment left by our European Cup defeat, we have to turn back to the Top 14 immediately. We hope the players will turn things around and bring back a good result. None of the players are giving up and that’s a good thing, but it’s difficult to end a string of negative results. You’re asking me whether we have to play in a large stadium to be better? I don’t think so. But going to Marseille is nice for the coaches, the players and the supporters. The stadium is splendid, perhaps one of the most beautiful in France, and it’s always great to play there.”
Samuel Marques, Toulouse scrum-half: “Every one knows our place in the Top 14 table. There are four games to be played and, even if our destiny is not in our hands any more, we’re going to believe till the end. Now, we’re going to see whether we’re a great team or not.”
Source: pre-game press conference.