Mourad Boudjellal: "There's a hell of a potential within the team"

The RCT Chairman made a stopover at the mixed zone after the game against Clermont. He talked about the rampant 49-0 victory and came back on the hectic week the club went through.
Mourad, what are your feelings after this victory?
I’m not getting carried away. Clermont had not lined up their best team. They hadn’t come to fight. If we believe we’re the world champions, we’ll be quite disappointed next week, as our opponents will line up their best team. So, we mustn’t get carried away, far from it. I haven’t calmed down. I won’t go to Ireland. It will be up to the players to face the challenge: they’ll have to decide if they really want to give everything or stand back by thirty metres. If we have to lose against Oyonnax to perform like this, that’s quite absurd, as we won’t take back the points we lost there.
Was it the right time to win after a hectic week?
Oh, I don’t know. I’m sure the players would have played like this, anyway. But it’s a little bit of a shame, as we won’t take back the points we lost in Oyonnax. When you are Toulon, being in the top six is a minimum and I hope the players have understood there is a hell of a potential within the team and that it would be a shame to miss our chance this season.
The game against Munster is now looming ahead…
It’s perhaps our most important game since we last played in a European Cup final. This is a capital one and, should we win against Munster, this will turn the season around. And everyone will say: “Toulon are back!”