The main reactions after Toulon vs Pau

Here are the main reactions of the Toulon and Pau staff and players after RCT’s 41-14 victory, on Sunday, August 27th, at the Stade Mayol.
Simon Mannix, Pau manager: “It was a heavy defeat, but we had our just deserts. It’s impossible to start a game at Mayol like this. When we came back 23-14, I thought we could bounce back, but you have to be committed for 80 minutes to bring something back from Toulon.”
Fabien Galthié, RCT manager: “We almost did everything we wanted to do in the first 30 minutes and you saw what happened afterwards: we had a good deal of opportunities, but didn’t score many points. We were not as committed as before and this allowed Pau to come back. But, on the whole, we deserve our victory. It’s the just reward of the work we started eight weeks ago. Everything is far from being perfect, though.”
Jean Monribot, RCT flanker: “This was really a pleasant afternoon at the Stade Mayol. We got off to a good start, then we had a slump, but we played better afterwards. The early moments of a season opener at home are sometimes stressful, but it went well on the whole.”
Anthony Belleau, RCT fly-half: “Let’s not get carried away! We’re going to continue our work, but it always feels good to win. Many supporters had come and we were keen on delivering a good performance and winning. The whole game was very pleasant: we did what we had to do and we earned that victory.”