The declarations ahead of the game against Bordeaux-Bègles

Here is a selection of declarations from the RCT staff and players at the pre-game press conference, held on Friday, December 2nd, at noon.
Marc Dal Maso, RCT forwards coach: “It’s rather a long week, as we play on Sunday, and we were able to work on many things. It’s going to be a hard game: Bordeaux-Bègles are a very good team and they’ve had a remarkable start to their season. Debriefing after the Castres game was quickly done with and we immediately switched to the game against Bordeaux-Bègles. They pay attention to details, are well-organized and, when the game goes wild, they’re very efficient as well. Against Castres, we made too many mistakes in our collective game, at the back, but also at the front – in the ruck – and we gave the ball away far too easily.”
Florian Fresia, RCT prop: “Spending a week without playing any official game has enabled us to rest, both physically and mentally. We needed to rest our bodies and our minds and, now, we’re ready to start off again! The Castres game? Yes, I thought about it for a few days but, then, I tried to switch to something else – otherwise, you start brooding over and over again. We work a lot, we try to set things up as best as possible. The players are giving everything they have and, on Sunday, we’ll try to make up for our mistakes to please our supporters as well.”
Liam Gill, RCT flanker: “I took advantage of the week’s rest to travel, trying to disconnect a little and, now, I feel ready for the series of forthcoming games. Top 14 games are really trying, both physically and mentally. I’m gradually getting used to them and our collective game is really improving. Bordeaux-Bègles really like to play: there are very good players in this squad and they can play a beautiful game, even away. We’ll have to stop them and try not to let them develop their game.”