The statements after the game against the Stade Français

The statements after the game against the Stade Français
Here are the first statements after the pre-season game between Toulon and the Stade Français, which our men in red and black won by a comfortable margin (42-10).
Diego Dominguez, Toulon manager: “Everything is fine. Everyone has been able to play, even the junior players. You know that I hate losing games and I had felt quite stressed for three days. Great achievements come gradually and it’s a very good thing for the junior players. They’ve been making progress for two years and they have now come of age. We will play the same way against Toulouse.”
Florian Fresia, Toulon prop: “Everything has worked well this evening. Many juniors have played and it’s a good thing for a first pre-season game. It gives an injection of fresh blood.”
Pierre Bernard, Toulon fly-half: “I felt really well. It took a little time to get things going, but it went well afterwards. Everyone had been given his instructions and knew what to do. Everything has worked well this evening.”
Laurent Delboulbes, Toulon prop: “There was a significant attendance for a friendly game. I had already noticed the fervour during the open training sessions. It’s also the first time I’ve heard the ‘Pilou-Pilou’, the traditional song of the Toulon supporters. It’s something pretty special.”