Toulon will play a friendly game against Lyon on August 17th!

Rugby Club Toulonnais will play a third and last pre-season friendly game against Lyon, on Friday, August 17th (kick-off time: 7 p.m.).
General manager Patrice Collazzo wished his team play a third game, in order to put a final touch to the tactical organisation, before the Top 14 resumes. An agreement was thus found with Lyon, a team also looking for an extra friendly game.
It has to be pointed out that the organisation of the friendly game is not the result of any negotiation whatsoever – contrary to the rumours that can be found on the social networks. The only reason for it is the will of the Toulon and Lyon managers to prepare for next season in the best possible way.
Tickets for Toulon vs Lyon will be available on Tuesday, August 7th, early in the afternoon, at and at your RCT Stores.