Laurent Delboulbes : "Presenting our supporters with a home qualifier"

Laurent Delboulbes, RCT’s left prop, attended the traditional pre-game press conference on May 4th. He took advantage of it to reaffirm his will to play the semi-final qualifier at home to express gratefulness for the Stade Mayol spectators.
Laurent, you missed the last few games. Can you tell us why?
I had bruised my neck against Toulouse. Those things have to be taken seriously and it took time for the bruise to heal. I could have played against Bordeaux-Bègles but, as there are three props within the team, turnover becomes a normal thing.
The away game won against Bordeaux has come to confirm a bright spell for Toulon…
It has, for sure. We’re on a streak of three consecutive wins, even if we are aware that nothing is perfect. Next Saturday’s game is going to be difficult. From now on, every game is going to be a knockout game. I’ve never felt the pressure of securing a home qualifier, but I felt other types of pressure in the past – going down, for instance. And, in those games, there was no room left for mistakes.
There’s a feeling this difficult season may turn into a successful one. Everything will depend on RCT’s current form and the results in the play-offs…
That’s true. Even going through difficult times, the team has stuck together throughout the season. We’ve not always played good games, but we’ve always been around the play-off spots. We mustn’t let the pressure off now. Pau are going to try to secure a place in the top six. So, we know what to expect. We want to present our supporters with a home qualifier and we know we’ll be able to rely on them if we play a knockout game at the Stade Mayol. That’s very important.