Fabrice Landreau: "Knowing what remains to be done"

The Toulon forwards coach was present at the press conference ahead of the game against Montpellier. For him, it will be the opportunity to size up his squad, who is playing against the championship leader.
Fabrice, will the game against Montpellier be the opportunity to size up the level of confidence within the squad?
There isn’t any real breach in our confidence: against Toulouse, we took many initiatives, but we made too many mistakes, we were quite sloppy and lacked discipline. But all this has more to do with the individuals than the squad itself. Now, we’re going to try to play even more as a team, to find the fluency that will enable us to have a better approach of the games and to handle them better. We are looking for this and playing this difficult game will perhaps enable us to know what remains to be done – whether a lot of work remains or whether we’re already close to what we’re looking for.
You’re talking about mistakes and a lack of discipline. How are you working to make up for all this?
We’re working on those points regularly. But, for instance, there’s been a constant lack of discipline since the season began. We picked up yellow cards at every game but one. We have to communicate better: we mustn’t pull out any impossible move and we have to adapt to the new rules as well. There has to be fluency in the way we carry the ball forward, so that our defence is well organized. And, when we have the ball, we want to develop our game, but we have to put all the ingredients in it. We have to release the ball properly – and 80% of the quality of the release depends on the player who carries the ball. If we release the ball correctly, this will enable us to accelerate the game. Sometimes, we lose our concentration, we want to add creativity, but discreet moves can also lead to a good release. We’re working on this every day.
How is the team? Are you going to bring any changes?
We can’t make changes everywhere, because some of our players are still injured. Fortunately, the international ones are back: Guilhem [Guirado] will start the game, Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe is back, Duane Vermeulen and Juandré Kruger will soon be – and so will Raphaël Lakafia. It’s quite a hard time for us, because we’re asking the players to work intensely. But we’re lucky enough to rely on a training centre that has done excellent work and took the players to a top level. That’s very positive.