Fabien Galthié: "We couldn't set up our game plan"

The Toulon manager attended the post-game press conference after the 15-6 defeat in Lyon, on Day 19 of the Top 14. He regretted his players’ lack of accuracy.
“You never know in advance how a game is going to unfold,” he explained. “But it’s true we knew it was not going to be an easy one. Moreover, we were playing another away game in succession, we had one day less to train, and the week had its share of unexpected events [because of the weather conditions]. But this does not mean anything! Sometimes, either you can’t train properly during the week or some of your players are injured, but you still play well. Training was hard this week: we had to cope with many last-minute injuries and we did not play well. It’s quite paradoxical, because we were doing well in the first half, but we made too many mistakes when we passed the ball. We had the opportunity to level things up before half-time, but we didn’t take it. So, we told ourselves we could only do better. The second half was quite similar to the first one, but here again, we made too many mistakes. I’m thinking again about that line-out after a penalty, near the in-goal line: we made yet another mistake when passing the ball and we ended up 40 metres off the line. It was an opportunity to take and this would have enabled us to bounce back and get closer to Lyon. But we didn’t take it! On the whole, we couldn’t set up our game plan properly.”