Fabien Galthié : "If Toulouse didn't exist, I would miss it"

Fabien Galthié, the Toulon manager, was at the pre-game press conference, on Friday, September 8th, to talk about the home game against Toulouse.
Fabien, how do you approach the game against Toulouse?
I think we really leapt into competitive games with the first two, against Pau and Clermont. Against Pau, we failed to convert all our opportunities and we lacked discipline against Clermont. We must still work on accuracy and keep our concentration throughout the game. My opinion on the two yellow cards we picked up against Clermont is less severe. I rather regret the last twenty seconds of the first half, when we lost control of the game. We have a good sequence and we end up close to Clermont’s in-goal area. Then, we pick up a penalty, they play a counter-attack and we get everything wrong: we were leading 6-10 and we’re led 11-10 at half-time.
What is your opinion on the way Toulouse started the Top 14?
First, they are above us on the table. The team has good forwards and is very efficient in the line-outs, in the scrum, in the maul, and when it grabs the ball. Its backline is also well organised. From the two games we’ve seen already, it’s a very good team.
For someone who played most of his career at Colomiers [the largest surburb of the city of Toulouse], is it special to play against Toulouse?
I am 46 and I’ve been playing rugby for 42 years. And it’s been special to play against Toulouse for 42 years, as they are our neighbours. If Toulouse didn’t exist, I would miss it. It’s a deep-rooted tradition. I learnt rugby with thinkers like Robert Bru, [Toulouse’s head coach in the early 1980s] who was the first to come up with the method of “stand-up playing”. I was trained by those people, who set up the first game plans in which the centres and the forwards really played together. In the 80s and the 90s, they were one step ahead of the rest.