Fabien Galthié: "Not a pleasant moment"

The Toulon manager attended the post-game press conference after the 29-40 defeat against Racing 92, last Sunday, at the Stade Mayol, on Day 10 of the Top 14.
Fabien, how do you feel after Racing scored 40 points against you at Mayol?
Well, it sure is no pleasant moment. We’ve been working hard with the team for more than twenty weeks and, for the moment, it doesn’t pay off. After the defeat in Agen, we now lose at home against Racing 92. The way the game unfolded was cruel for us because, when we lead by ten points against a team that ruffled our feathers, we thought the hard part was over. Then, when the game starts again, we’re penalized and they score three points. Then, we start another move, the ball is intercepted and it’s very hard for us: we show fragility and, because of it, we can’t bounce back.
What did your team lack?
A few decisions that were not favourable to us had their importance, but that’s part of the game. We also played against a team that dominated us, both tactically and physically. The Racing players had more ball possession and we were on the defence. We had noticed their attacking strategy depended on players that tend to get very close to the opponent’s defence. We couldn’t go forward enough to slow down their ball releases and, every time, we were dominated on the physical impacts. We’re very disappointed for us, for the public, for the club, for everyone. But we’ll continue our work and stay focused.