Eric Escande : "Let's be ready, that's all"

The RCT scrum-half is interviewed by a few days before the European Cup quarter-final against Clermont, at the Marcel-Michelin stadium.
Eric, which team is the favourite?
Clermont, of course! When we look at the way they’ve been playing since the beginning of the season, we can’t say we play better than they do. Just compare their game with ours. So, we’ll have to take a humble approach ahead of this away game and, then, we’ll have to deliver on the pitch.
Especially since we’re struggling in away games…
That’s the case, indeed. That’s why I think we have to keep a low profile this week. No need to talk too much. We have to remain in our bubble, believe in ourselves and in our game plan. A good result will only come about if we decide it. Of course, we believe in ourselves – otherwise, we shouldn’t even go there! We know it’s going to be a difficult game, given the way they’ve been playing all season, but it’s a quarter-final and a knockout game. So, it’s going to be different.
Are you hoping the team will turn things around on Sunday?
I hope we’ll all turn things around. I think we show much dedication during the training sessions. The group leaders have also taken control of things. So, there a growing sense of confidence and I hope we’ll turn things around on Sunday.
Over the last few years, we often beat Clermont in knockout games. Can we say we have a psychological edge over them?
The media are the ones talking about this psychological edge. They’ll be expecting us, for sure! This game is going to be a fierce battle. And, if we’re not ready for it, we’ll stand no chance at all. But, if the recent past can inspire us with extra confidence, this will still be worth taking! Currently, I don’t know whether we can talk of extra confidence on our side. Eventually, it doesn’t matter: let’s be ready, that’s all