Emerick Setiano: "If we're not aggressive enough…"

The young Toulon prop attended the pre-game press conference ahead of Toulon vs Agen, last Wednesday. He was wary of the Agen team and stressed the importance of doing everything necessary to win the game.
Emerick, what will be the result of Saturday’s game against Agen, according to you?
Well, it’s going to be a difficult one to call, as many of our players are injured and as Agen have just beaten the Top 14 leader. We’re not contemplating any result, we simply know what to expect, because it’s a solid team whose ranking does not really reflect the level of playing. We’re not afraid, but we know that, if we don’t play well, they can score points easily.
How do you account for the numerous mistakes made in Lyon and the difference in your level of playing compared to the game against La Rochelle?
All the players were worn out after playing against La Rochelle, as it was very intense. This told in the following game, I think. If there was a mental letdown, it was an unconscious one, as I hadn’t noticed it – and, quite frankly, I don’t think it was the case.
Many second-row players are injured: are you ready to start the game as a number 4 or a number 5?
As long as they’ll make me start a game, I’ll play! Of course, I prefer playing as a prop but, if I can stand in for someone else, there’s no problem! Several second-row players are injured, but it is less of a problem in the scrum, as props are used to pushing with the lower parts of their bodies, their knees close to the ground. But if a prop has to play in the second row, the line-outs will be more difficult to cope with.
Very early in the week, Agen announced they would line up a different team for this game. Does it mean it will be a tricky one?
It may be so, if we’re not concentrated and not aggressive enough. There’s always the possibility we might play poorly, so, we’ll really have to be concentrated and take the Agen team seriously.