Alby Mathewson: "Nobody is more disappointed to lose than we are"

Last Wednesday, at noon, the RCT scrum-half attended the pre-game press conference ahead of Castres vs. Toulon. He took advantage of it to talk about the bad patch the team is going through.
Alby, how do you feel after the team has suffered two consecutive defeats?
We are a united group and nobody is more disappointed to lose than we are. We know we can do better and each day, each week, each week-end, we want to improve and we give our best for that in the training sessions. We are working to solve the problems. Of course, we are disappointed after losing the last two games, but we had opportunities to win each time. We didn’t take them and we’re very disappointed because of that, believe me.
What specific points are you working on, personally?
On everything a number-9 player has to work! Being quick on the moves, passing and kicking the ball, improving my vision of the game and, of course, on communications skills. Communicating well with one’s partners, particularly the forwards, is essential. I must be able to help them, they must understand me and I must understand them to give them the right information during the game.
Have the forwards been struggling more than the three-quarters in the last few games?
The forwards are doing much work to set things right. They’re putting the finishing touch to many details. But the three-quarters – and myself – can and must do better.
What do you think of the Top 14 so far? Does it correspond to what you thought when you signed here?
First, the players are very physical here! As they say, they’re “rough-hewn” and solid! But what strikes me most is the atmosphere in numerous French stadiums. The supporters are very passionate in this country, they have great influence and you don’t find this in New Zealand. It’s quite impressive!
Photo credits: Magali Ruffato, RCT.